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Supporters Club Draw Results

The Newbridge Town Supporters Club Draw was the initiative of the 50th Anniversary committee, and supported by many of the clubs past members.

Here you will find the latest Supporters Club Draw results and table, please click on the link for the latest draw.

The numbers for this week, Tuesday 10th March 2020, were drawn at last Tuesdays bingo. 

The Numbers drawn at Tuesday evenings bingo were 6, 8, 11 & 14.

The outright winner was David Durney, and joint runners up were Joe McCormack, Mark Smyth, Christy Murphy & Eamonn Nolan.

The Newbridge Town 50th Anniversary Committee and the Newbridge Town FC committee would like to thank all to contributed to this initiative.

Supporters Club Draw Results

48th Supporters Draw 10th Mar 2020.pdf

47th Supporters Draw 3rd Mar 2020.pdf

46th Supporters Draw 25th Feb 2020 .pdf

45th Supporters Draw 18(a)th Feb 2020.pdf

44th Supporters Draw 18th Feb 2020.pdf

43rd Supporters Draw 4th Feb 2020.pdf

42nd Supporters Draw 28th Jan 2020.pdf

41st Supporters Draw 21st Jan 2020.pdf

40th Supporters Draw 14th Jan 2020.pdf

39th Supporters Draw 7th Jan 2020.pdf

38th Supporters Draw 17th Dec 2019.pdf

37th Supporters Draw 10th Dec 2019.pdf

36th Supporters Draw 3rd Dec 2019.pdf

35th Supporters Draw 26th Nov 2019.pdf

34th Supporters Draw 19th Nov 2019.pdf

33rd Supporters Draw 12th Nov 2019.pdf

32nd Supporters Draw 5th Nov 2019.pdf

31st Supporters Draw 29th Oct 2019.pdf

30th Supporters Draw 22nd Oct 2019.pdf

29th Supporters Draw 15th Oct 2019.pdf

28th Supporters Draw 8th Oct 2019.pdf

27th Supporters Draw 1st Oct 2019.pdf

26th Supporters Draw 24th Sept 2019 (2).pdf

25th Supporters Draw 17th Sept 2019 (2).pdf

24th Draw 27th Aug19 (2).pdf

23rd Draw 20th Aug19 (2).pdf

22nd Draw 13th Aug19 (2).pdf

21st Supporters Club Draw.pdf

20th Supporters Club Draw..pdf

19th Supporters Club Draw..pdf

18th Supporters Club Draw..pdf

16th Supporters Club Draw 2nd July 2019.pdf

15th Supporters Club Draw 25th June 2019..pdf

14th Supporters Club Draw 18th June 2019.pdf

13th Draw Supporters Clu Tuesday 11th June 2019.pdf

12th Supporters Club Draw 28th May 2019.pdf

11th Supporters Club Draw 21st May 2019.

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