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 Parents Code of Ethics


First and foremost children are involved in soccer for their enjoyment...
Not yours. Do not force a child to participate.

Encourage in your child, an appreciation of mutual respect for their managers, team mates, referee and opponents.

Set a good example by applauding good play on both sides.

Encourage-encourage- encourage no matter what way the game is going.

In defeat, congratulate your child for the good things they have done during the game. This way the disappointment is easier to get over.

Encourage your child always to play by the rules of the game.

Refrain from coaching your child or other players duringmatches and training unless you are an official coach. This leads to confusion for the child and creates undue stress and anxiety. Research shows children learn better in a stress free environment where they can experiment without fear of failure.

 Never tell a child to do something that is not being asked of him/her by their manager.

Never ridicule, humiliate or shout at a child for making a mistake or for losing a match.

As a spectator never use foul language or harass referees, managers, assistants or players.

Emphasise skill development and practices and how they can benefit your child over winning. Also de - emphasise games and competition in lower age groups.

Please support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from soccer.

 Support all efforts made by managers/coaches. Remember they are volunteers, they are giving up their time to manage, train and administer all activities associated with your childs team.

Accept the clubs policy of continuous player evaluation which could mean the movement of your child to another team within the club.

 Each Team are liable for any fine handed down for bad behaviour by parent, players, coaches and managers.

Inform Coach if a player is unavailable for training or match with as much notice as possible.

Please inform the coach of any matches the palyer has been asked to play in other than school or Newbridge Town FC.

Parents must respect the rights of the coach to make decisions regarding training, team selections, substitutions and match tactics unless they contradict the spirt of this code. Game time is down to each manager.

A parent should feel free to approach the coach(not during games or just after)to discuss any aspect of a players development.

Failure to comply with the above will lead to sanction by the Committee



 Terms & conditions of manager's appointment.



                All managers or coaches must sign the clubs volunteer's charter and submit Garda clearance application form before they can work with children in Newbridge Town.


                All players must be registered with their respective league if they are to play in a league format. These forms can be obtained from club secretary club Secretary.

        All Teams are self-sufficient but are accountable to the club at all times.

 All managers are there to promote soccer, but are also bound by the rules and ethos of the club itself.

The chairperson / committee of the club has the right to question any manager with regard to club matters at any time.

If any manager is unsure of any aspect of his/her remit they can contact the chairman or secretary at any time.

Each manager will be given a match day book for weekly match fees of €5 per week of which €3 is retained by the manager and €2 to be paid per child to the club. Payments to be made weekly.

No emails to be sent between managers, all emails and correspondences must go through the Hon. Secretary or chairperson.

Managers must act as good role models, and in turn expect their players to be role models for younger players.

Managers should never treat an injury to a child out of sight of others and a rule of always having two players with you must be adhered to.

Remember that children are not miniature professionals. Do not place excessive pressure on them to perform too unrealistically high expectations. Children play soccer to develop their skills, to have fun and enjoy the game.

Applaud good behaviour, sportsmanship and best efforts by the visiting teams as well as your own team.

        Condemn the use of violence in all forms and in all cases.

Verbal abuse of players, match officials or opposing supporters can not be accepted by managers or spectators. Players or match official's should never be regarded as fair targets for abusive behaviour.


                A player must play for a team within his own age group.

                Players must respect the property of Newbridge Town and opposition clubs at all times.

Players must respect match officials at all times.

                Any fine imposed on a parent, coach, player/team must be paid by person/team concerned.

Players on away trips must respect the facilities which are provided for them.

Players/managers must not use foul/abusive language during the course of or after a match.

Underage players are not allowed to drink alcohol on the club premises.

Any player who is in breach of these rules will be dealt with at the discretion of the committee.

All players to be treated with dignity, sensitivity and respect.

All complaints relating to inappropriate behaviour should be brought to the attention of the chairperson of the club.

Confidentiality is about managing information with respect to the child involved and therefore problems that arise should be discussed with the committee and not with other managers or parents.

                There are managers' meetings held once a month, usually the first Thursday, and all teams must have a least one representative at these meetings. They are invaluable for you to gain information for you and your team and you may ask about any problem which may have arisen with your team during the month.

                All managers to send a photo of their team into the club at the end of each season.


    Players and managers should be mindful at all times that the reputation of

Newbridge Town FC is paramount.




.......................................................                               ..................................................

Manager's Signature & date.                                                                                   Club official signature & date.


Please find below instructions on safe practices for children in soccer currently being advised by the FAI for all clubs.


We at Newbridge Town FC intend to comply with these practises and require all volunteers to complete the vetting form attached.


Vetting of all Volunteers within Newbridge Town FC.

Recruitment policy.


Newbridge Town FC will take all reasonable steps to ensure that coaches, managers and volunteers are suitable to work with children and young people.


All participants are required to complete and application/self declaration form, giving the names of two referees who will then be contacted. Written references should then be verified and kept on file.

All participants are subject to Garda vetting( when this service becomes available).

All appointments are subject to approval and ratification by appropriate committee recruitment personnel.

All participants will be subject to a sign-up procedure in which they undertake to abide by League/Club/FAI rules, codes of conduct and good practice guidelines. Appropriate confidentiality should be maintained in regard to all application and reference forms.

Once recruited, all efforts to support and manage participants ensuring no person is expected to work alone.

The FAI Code of Ethics & Good Practice document is available on our website and I have attached a sample policies and procedures club template document for you. All affiliates are now required to have these in place. 

Player Code of Conduct

A player must primarily play for a team in his/her own age group.

Players must respect the property of other clubs.

Players must respect the authority of the match official at all times.

Any player sent off by a match referee will be required to appear before the Disciplinary Committee.

Any fine imposed by the relevant body on a player who has been sent off by a match referee,must be paid for by the player concerned.

The Disciplinary Committee shall have the right to discipline any player considered guilty of misconduct while representing the club at a match or training session.

No player may wear the current seasons playing gear in training.

Players must wear the full current seasons playing gear in matches.

Player must respect the authority of their team managers.

Players must respect club gear, property and equipment.

Players on trips away must respect facilities and accommodation provided for them.

Player on trials for professional clubs should be on their best behaviour, and be mindful at all times that they are representing the club.Players must not use bad language in the course of their involvement with their teams.

Underage players are not allowed to drink alcohol on the club premises.

Player are not allowed to drink alcohol in the course of their involvement with their teams.

Any players who is in breach with these rules will be dealt with at the discretion of the disciplinary committee.

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