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Registration 2021/2022 Season

Registration for 2021/2022 season will be open from September 2021

Please follow the link below in order to complete registration and pay membership for the coming season.

It is recommended you read all club policies and rules before completing the registration process.


There are now only two categories of membership for all underage players :

Boys & Girls Teams

Boys Under 9 (born 2013) to Boys Under 18 (born 2004)

Girls Under 9 (born 2013) to Girls Under 15 (born 2007)

Boys & Girls Academy

Boys & Girls born on and between 2014 to 2017

There are two options for Academy:

Option 1: Membership including gear (New Members)

Option 2: Membership with no gear (Existing Members Only)

All new members to the Academy, in any age group, must choose Option 1.

In previous years the club charged an annual Membership fee and a weekly fee of €5 per player thereafter. This method of collecting fees put an extra burden on Coaches and Managers on top of the excellent work they put into coaching and managing the teams. Throughout 2018 the Committee consulted with other clubs of similar size and found we were among a small number of clubs who had not advanced to more user friendly methods. The Annual Membership Fee and weekly subs will now be amalgamated into one figure which can be payed in 3 monthly installments (September, October, November) or in one payment. The club would like to assure parents and players that the amount for each Membership Category has been calculated on 2018 Membership and match fees and is in fact a slight reduction on the total paid by players last season (e.g. Boys Team member paid €120 Membership and €5 per week x 40 weeks = €320 for 2018). The membership term runs from the start of September until the end of July.

The Membership Fees for 2021/2022 are as follows:

Boys & Girls Teams - €300 

Boys & Girls Academy - €160 (with gear) / €120 (without gear) 

The club are aware that not everyone is in a position to pay the above and in cases of extreme difficulty please contact your manager/coach who can put you in touch with a member of the Committee who can deal with you in strict confidence.


What does your membership pay for and where does it go ?

Contrary to what some may believe, Membership Fees are not for profit for the club. Most will agree the facilities we have are among the best around and the costs in simply maintaining these are enormous. We are one of only a handful of clubs who have a full sized floodlit Astro. The playing surface on it has a life span of 10 years and will cost in excess of €250,000 to replace every decade. This means we have to put aside €25,000 every year for this alone. On top of this we have to pay for Floodlighting from September - April 5 nights every week which runs into five figures annually. Our grass pitches have to be sanded and maintained every year along with all machinery associated with maintaining them. Other costs entailed in running the club are Clubhouse light and heat, Insurance for each player, League Registration Fees for every team and player, Legal Fees, Rates & Water charges and all other administration costs, buying equipment for every team (training & match footballs, bibs, cones etc) and paying referees fees for every home game throughout the season (on an average weekend Referees Fees alone amount to €300 - €400). On top of this the club will be buying shorts and socks for all members who have paid their registration fees.

NTFC Committee

Players signing for Teams in Leagues

A player cannot register without the following:

Copy of birth Cert( If a new member of the club) and a Completed Club Player Profile Form (This only has to be completed by players who are not registering through on-line payment - anyone registering and paying on-line will be required to read this and by completing the registration process you are agreeing to it's terms & conditions).


Family Discount

Family Discount will be offered to all members at the following rates : 2 children = 15% discount; 3 children = 20% discount; 4 children = 25% discount; 5 children = 30% discount etc. 

Discount is calculated on the combined total membership owed : eg 2 players in boys teams = 300 x 2 = €600 so Family Discount is €60.



It is expected that all players that register to play at our club will be available for the team. If you are aware that you are unable to attend matches or training due to other extracurricular activities, reconsider your participation in the club this year. Your inability to commit to the club is disruptive. It puts pressure on players from other teams to help your team out during matches, increases the burden on managers/coaches and result in forfeited matches and fines for the team. It could also result in a team being folded mid season which in turn will leave players with no team to play on and being unable to transfer to another club.

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