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Club Statement regarding the KDUL Rule Change.   22/07/2016

23rd July 2016

NTFC Club Statement regarding the KDUL Rule Change.
The committee of Newbridge Town FC wishes to inform all its members, players, managers and supporters of the latest developments between the club and the Kildare and District Underage League (KDUL):

The executive committee of the KDUL convened a Special General Meeting, which took place on 21st July 2016, in order to ask the clubs of the league to adopt a change to Rule 6 of the league’s constitution, which would read:

“Membership of the League is open to all football clubs within the said area provided that all schoolboy teams from the club are entered in the Kildare and District Underage League”
This Special General Meeting was arranged following a successful appeal to the FAI by Newbridge Town FC to enter an U11 team into the DDSL for the forthcoming season. Newbridge Town followed this approach to enable this U11 team to develop and compete against teams of a similar standard.

Throughout the process, NTFC have maintained a ‘dual DDSL / KDUL status approach'. This approach was aimed at both retaining local players and managers, who might otherwise have been attracted to other popular Dublin-based clubs, whilst continuing to provide and support a strong Local presence in the KDUL.

Newbridge Town wishes to put on record that it completely rejects the KDUL Rule change which was proposed by the KDUL and voted in favour of by a 16-2 majority.
The KDUL has acted in contrary to SFAI Rule 29(h) which allows for teams to move between different divisional leagues:

29(h) Clubs may enter a team/s in another divisional League with the permission of their own divisional League. This permission must be sought in the month of May in the previous season. Clubs should not be unreasonably refused such a release.
It is with special interest that that we bring to your attention SFAI Rule 29(g) which states:
29(g) Established clubs may stay in the divisional League holding their present affiliation until or unless they cease to exist.

Newbridge Town FC is united in its stance against this attempt to destabilise our club and the disrespectful attitude towards our 350 young player’s future.
We wish to reassure all our players, coaches, parents and supporters that whoever would like to play in the KDUL will be accommodated by Newbridge Town

Newbridge Town will continue to reserve its’ the right to move teams to other divisional leagues under SFAI Rule 29(h) and FAI Rule 37.

Thank you for your continued support.

Newbridge Town FC

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