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Statement concerning FAI arbitration decision   13/08/2016

Newbridge Town Football Club Committee are pleased to confirm that following the decision of the Independent Arbitrator, issued yesterday (12th August), one of our Under 11 teams will be entered into the D.D.S.L. for the coming season.

In our previous statement on 23rd July, we explained this outcome to the arbitration process could potentially jeopardise N.T.F.C’s participation in the K.D.U.L. However, N.T.F.C. were informed on 27th July by the Secretary of the Kildare & District Schoolboy League that, as a result of numerous phone calls from parents of N.T.F.C. players, he was not going to implement the amendment to Rule 6 of the K.D.U.L. Constitution stating “Membership of the League is open to all football clubs within the said area provided that all schoolboy teams from the club are entered in the Kildare and District Underage League”until the start of the 2017/2018 season. This means all of our Schoolboy teams with the exception of one Under 11 team are entered in the K.D.U.L. for the coming season, as was always our intention. 

N.T.F.C. have always acted with the best interests of our players at heart, as was recognized by the Independent Arbitrator in his decision to rule that the K.D.U.L’s refusal to allow our Under 11 team to play in the D.D.S.L. was unreasonable; “I am entitled to assume that the officers of NTFC with the input of the parents of the children involved, have given serious and lengthy consideration to this application as I believe they have the best interests of the players development at heart”. With all this in mind we would like to wish all N.T.F.C. teams every success for the coming season.

We will also endeavour to keep everyone informed of any future rule changes introduced by the K.D.U.L., and their impact on N.T.F.C. and our players. This especially applies to our Under 15 teams, and we will be addressing this matter in the coming days.

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support and patience.

NTFC Committee

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